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Our CT Syringes are designed to fit a variety of CT injector platforms:

  • Medrad MCT, Medrad MCT Plus, Medrad Vistron CT, Medrad Envision CT,

  • Mallinckrodt/Liebel-Flarsheim CT9000, 9000 ADV Optivantage, Mallinckrodt/Liebel-Flarsheim Optivange,

  • Bracco Empower CT, Bracco Empower CTA,

  • Medtron Accutron CT-D,

  • Nemoto A-60 & A-25 Dual Shot Alpha, Nemoto Dual Shot Alpha,

  • Medtron Accutron CT and Accutron CT-D


Sterile, Disposable, Latex-Free, Pyrogen-Free Syringes, packaged
with Coiled Extension Lines and Fill Tube or spike, ranging from

60mL up to 200mL, designed to withstand up to 300psi.

CT Cross Reference Chart

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